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Why use us?

We have one primary, targeted goal in mind:

Our client at the closing table, sitting comfortably, with a smile from ear to ear, leaning towards us and saying, “Wow, thank you! You did a wonderful job, everything you promised and more.”

And we strive to achieve that goal by:

  1. Providing first class, expert service.
  2. Educating our Client on the Product.
  3. Creating a base platform of knowledge for our Client, so there are no surprises in the process.
  4. Remaining available to our Client on demand to address all issues and concerns.

Major points we will look into

  1. Rights & Obligations of Sponsor and Purchaser
  2. Closing costs, so no surprises: Title Costs, Transfer Taxes, Mansion Tax, Sponsor Attorney Fee, Working Capital Fund Contribution, etc.
  3. Contracts for other units: how many signed? How many out for signature?
  4. Estimated closing date
  5. Broker, listed and seller paying
  6. Sponsor remedies
  7. Alterations & Repairs, rules and responsibilities
  8. Real Estate Taxes, Lot Lines and Floor Plans
  9. Services and Amenities: Budget
  10. Resale, costs and procedure